History and Heritage

Master of Diamonds

History & Heritage

Masters of Diamonds since 1789

With over two hundred years of experience, Backes & Strauss know diamonds better than anyone else having perfected the art of “Ideal-Cut". Such a cut shapes a diamond for perfect symmetry and proportions, where all the light that enters the stone refracts internally from 57 precisely placed facets and disperses through the top of the diamond, resulting in maximum fire and brilliance. This is why all the diamonds that are hand set on a Backes & Strauss timepiece are ideal cut.

Backes & Strauss are known for quality and craftsmanship and as their long heritage demands only the best diamonds are used. The clean clarity of the diamonds used here are the extremely rare Flawless / V V S + with the near perfect colour collection F+. From 58 up to 62 % of th uncut stone is sacrificed to achieve such perfection of a Backes & Strauss diamond. According to the GIA - Gemological Institute of America - less than 3% of all diamonds are cut to these ideal proportions.

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