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Meeting of Masters

History & Heritage

Meeting of Masters

There are many satisfying parallels between the master diamond cutter and the master watch maker, Backes & Strauss and The Franck Muller Group. Both are supreme craftsmen. Both share the same mathematical precision, the same combination of art and science, the same almost elemental understanding: one works with light, the other with time.

These parallels are apparent in our watches. On the outside, the face and case evoke the geometric symmetry of the ideal cut. On the inside, the handcrafted movements are often described as jewel-like. The simile is perfect. Not only do our movements have a jewel's brilliance and complex perfection, but the intricate workings and the interplay of one piece on the next are suggestive of the way light moves within our diamonds.

It is this meeting of masters of diamonds and watch making, this elemental genius for light and time that makes a Backes & Strauss watch unique. It is a masterpiece inside and out.

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