History and Heritage

Our Movements

History & Heritage

Our Movements

Backes & Strauss is honored to be the partner of the Franck Muller company, the Master of Complications that shared with us the passion of creating unique and high-quality timepieces. Franck Muller is internationally acknowledged for being one of the best in-house movement manufacturer in the world of watchmaking.

We share the same value about what a Backes and Strauss movement has to be. It need to perfectly seize the unseizable: the perfect time.

Creating a timeless icon is the aim of the Backes & Strauss designers. With their designs, they must evoke emotions and show respect to the incredible Franck Muller movement themselves.

Backes & Strauss watchmaking legitimacy is as strong as our partnership with Franck Muller: an eternal association between the time and the timeless to create watchmaking splendors made of light and time.

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