History and Heritage

Perfection in the detail

History & Heritage

Perfection is in the detail

Backes & Strauss developed a unique dial design, as Masters of Diamonds the dial is therefore diamond stamped. Each numeral and index is polished and set by hand, as are the diamonds on each Backes & Strauss timepiece. The pyramids which are placed on the dial's inner circle mark the seconds (five by five). They are a pyramid shape in homage to a polished diamond. Perfect reasons for perfected details.

The Jewel in the Crown

Every watch has at least one diamond, set into the crown by hand; it is the Backes & Strauss signature “The Jewel in the Crown” which is designed to look like the pavilion of a diamond. The pavilion is the lower portion of the diamond, below the girdle, sometimes referred to as the base.

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