At Backes & Strauss, we have personified the element of colour with our exclusive range of black stainless steel watches. This unique steel collection offers that much needed alternative being far more unique for both ladies and gents. Here below we present you with a series of black stainless steel timepieces that will stand the test of time.


Piccadilly Princess

Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours

Lady Victoria

Duke Tourbillon

Miss Victoria
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Duke Tourbillon Baguette

Princess Victoria Red Rose
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Duke Tourbillon D2R

Countess Victoria Citrine

Piccadilly Duchess


Why choose Black Watch?

Acting as an extension of the traditional elegantly British ensemble of a suit and tie, it is essential that the correct kind of watch is selected so as not to mismatch. A classic black timepiece works incredibly well on a man’s wrist as it suits all occasions all the while maintaining an understated look.

The sleek black colour of our watches is attained by using the black physical vapour deposition (PVD) technique, which consists of bonding compound metal vapour to form a thin black layer on the entire exterior of the watch. Other than giving the piece a flawless finish, it also renders the watch almost impossible to scratch or wear, ensuring that – over the years - it maintains that same pristine appearance it had on the day it left the watchmaker’s bench.

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As Masters of the ultimate bespoke timepiece, whether it’s to celebrate a milestone or to make an exceptional timepiece that emulates individuality, Backes & Strauss is honoured to accompany its clients in their pursuit of owning a unique masterpiece.