Autumn’s Gold Rush


To many it is a bitter-sweet sensation when you realise the splendid heat of the gloriously long days of summer are beginning to give way to the shorter and colder days of autumn. However, it isn’t all “a fall” as our friends across the pond label it. The new season brings with it the best of both worlds as the opposing qualities of winter and summer converge into one.

The Colours of the Season

The floral colours diversify from the uniform green of summer to the most magnificent variety of colours of the autumn foliage. From the deep brown of the autumn leaves in Hyde Park to the light heather from the heights of Parliament Hill’s iconic view of London, a stunning array of colours blanket the capital’s landscape. Autumn is also a season from which great artistic and poetic inspiration is drawn. In a style reminiscent of 16th Century painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s “Autumn”, the Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours produces an unparallel visual image of the diversity of the season using its varying composite parts. No fewer than 225 individually set diamonds from 10 cuts have masterfully curated over hundreds of hours of craftsmanship to formulate this unique timepiece. This luxury watch is unique in every stone that forms the spectrum of 66 hues it covers and is a true magnum opus of Backes & Strauss, worthy of any wrist it adorns.

Fashion’s Metamorphosis

In between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice, nature expresses its ultimate beauty before the harsh restrictions of the winter set in. A similar phenomenon also occurs in countless wardrobes worldwide, where the airy summer attires change to more vivid and bold styles of ensembles before they too are hindered by the frost of winter.

Autumn realises one of the four key perpetual shifts in style across London’s many districts during the year. The it-crowd emerging from the London Fashion Week scene - which ranges from designers, celebrities, buyers, to stylists and influencers - showcase the latest fashion looks. 

Backes & Strauss’ range of unique luxury timepieces in rose gold represent the perfect choice to complement the many unique styles one perceives on the streets during Fashion Week. For women, for instance, the Piccadilly Renaissance 33 is a unique watch for that must-have outfit this season. Set with over 137 Ideal Cut diamonds, this luxury timepiece features a variety of customisable dials, straps and base metals to precisely match whatever fashion complements the wearer. This luxury watch expresses individuality and a picture-perfect sparkle with any evening or day attire selected this autumn season.

What’s on the Agenda this Autumn?

Autumn represents a season which sees a distinct shift in activities in London, the home of Backes & Strauss. As well as children returning to school and professionals beginning their working year, outdoor events such as the Goodwood festival and Wimbledon Championships, which are ideal in the summer warmth are replaced by more formal indoor events such as Gala dinners and cocktail parties.

A unique timepiece for the men of formal occasions, the newly introduced Berkeley Renaissance Duke Tourbillon is the latest addition to the exclusive Berkeley Renaissance collection; including a double peripheral automatic tourbillon, with an impressive 72 hour power reserve, this unique timepiece is as much an artwork in the watch movements as it is in its aesthetics and is a fantastic choice for any formal event.

Whatever your plans this season, we have a bespoke timepiece ready to match. Next time you are out for a walk on a crisp autumnal day in Mayfair, London, we invite you to visit Backes & Strauss on 21 Grosvenor street to discover that perfect timepiece for you this season.