Back to Black


Many things can be said for colours; its innate ability to represent significance being one. Arguably, no colour is more appropriate to this sentiment than black, which is formed in the complete absence of light, much like diamonds, which are created under pressure from geological processes over 150km below the earth’s surface. The colour black is a significant feature found throughout London, the very home of Backes & Strauss; from the black cabs on the bustling corners of Bond Street, to the Stones' famous song: "Paint it Black", it’s obvious that this colour is an integral part of this city’s culture.

A key essence of this colour is the inimitable contrast it creates with everything surrounding it, immediately drawing attention whilst still maintaining its understated aura. At Backes & Strauss, we have personified this element with our exclusive range of black stainless-steel watches. The sleek black colour of our watches is attained by using the black physical vapour deposition (PVD) technique, which consists of bonding compound metal vapour to form a thin black layer on the entire exterior of the watch. Other than giving the piece a flawless finish, it also renders the watch almost impossible to scratch or wear, ensuring that – over the years - it maintains that same pristine appearance it had on the day it left the watchmaker’s bench.

Women & Men in Black

For women, the relationship between fashion and jewellery is fairly complex, with a great need for distinction. After all, what is the point in wearing anything, if it is identical, if not similar, to another person in the room? Unfortunately, many stainless steel watches beg this question, following a much worn path in their design and - quite often - offering very little colour variance for the female watch bearer. Black watches, on the other hand, offer that much needed alternative, as they exude a far more unique look on ladies’ wrists. Additionally, since the introduction of Coco Chanel’s Little Black Dress in 1926, black has seen a transformation into all aspects of women’s attire with the colour long representing subtlety, power and respect. This phenomenon makes our black watches all the more suitable for business-related or intimate occasions.

The less is more mantra does not only apply to women’s fashion and jewellery but also to men’s, especially when it comes to watches. Acting as an extension of the traditional elegantly British ensemble of a suit and tie, it is essential that the correct kind of watch is selected so as not to mismatch. A classic black timepiece works incredibly well on a man’s wrist as it suits all occasions all the while maintaining an understated look. Ultimately, it’s the versatility of a black watch that has raised it in popularity for most fashion-conscious men. 


A perfect example of one such watch is the Regent Diamond Knight; sleek in its appearance, it offers the perfect choice for everyday wear. Channelling London’s Regent Street, the key oval black dial unifies impeccably with Backes & Strauss’s white Ideal Cut diamonds, allowing the wearer to have an inconspicuous look whilst still effortlessly catching the sparkle in any pair of eyes that meet it.

One of Backes & Strauss‘ latest masterpieces, and another strikingly flawless example of the company’s unprecedented 230 years of expertise, is the Regent Royal Black Knight. This one-of-a-kind timepiece is carpeted with over 2,107 diamonds, made possible only by the hands of master craftsmen. Each diamond is set into place by use of the serti neige technique, creating a truly unique masterpiece unlike any other. As with all Backes & Strauss watches, the crown is set with the signature white Ideal Cut diamond, also known as the Backes & Strauss Jewel in the Crown.

Paint it Black

Unless you are a bride about to walk down the aisle, there is one colour you can never go wrong with. From a sleek pair of black sunglasses to a black steel watch, you know you will look good irrespective of the occasion. In conclusion it is safe to say that Backes & Strauss’ collection of black stainless steel watches represents a series of timepieces that will stand the test of time (pun intended).