Fall in Love with Backes & Strauss

Backes & Stauss ideal cut diamonds

Backes & Strauss has a lot of love to give. Those well acquainted with the London-based luxury watch house know without fail that the heart motif has consistently played a significant role in our timepieces and designs. This Valentine’s, let us immerse you in our world of irresistible timepieces, which are absolutely worth falling in love with. 

Hearts and Arrows

First and foremost, as the oldest diamond trading company in the world, with exactly 230 years of diamond expertise, Backes & Strauss has built its reputation among the most prestigious clients worldwide as the experts in polishing and cutting of high-quality diamonds. Today, the company’s proficiency lies predominantly in the Ideal Cut. Every round, brilliant diamond used at Backes & Strauss is an Ideal Cut diamond, designed to emanate optimum fire and brilliance. Its perfect symmetry and proportions ensure that the light entering the stone refracts internally from 57 precisely placed facets and travels out through the top of the diamond, creating a mesmerising sparkle. 

That being said, the ultimate test of Backes & Strauss’ expertise in diamond-cutting is the presence of the Hearts & Arrows motif in the Ideal Cut diamond when examined with a loupe. As a testament to our expertise, each classic Backes & Strauss timepiece houses at least one Ideal Cut diamond set into the crown, and comes with a Hearts & Arrows viewer to discern the pattern. 

Classic Victoria Collection

Beyond our diamond know-how, we also pride ourselves in the wealth of archives and designs accumulated over the past 230th years. Drawn from our 19th Century collections, a brooch with two linked hearts inspired our intrinsically feminine Victoria timepiece collection. The interlocking hearts, surrounding the mother-of-pearl dial, are repeated again and again in a circle of everlasting love, like that of Queen Victoria for her husband Albert. 

Victoria Princess Red Rose

Without jeopardising the playful charm of the classic Victoria collection, the Victoria Princess Red Rose builds further on the elegant interlocking hearts design; each of the intertwined hearts are marked with a luscious red ruby, which adds a zesty and modern touch to this classical timepiece. The tactile interior rose gold finish of the bracelet has been designed for ultimate comfort. This jewel of a timepiece is set with a spell-binding number of 388 Ideal Cut diamonds for a total of 2.54 carats.

Miss Victoria Red Rose

For a more modern and understated look, the Miss Victoria Red Rose brings a renewed fresh and youthful elegance to the Victoria timepiece family. The natural beauty of the mother-of-pearl dial is complimented by scintillating diamonds and red rubies, which are set in an 18k white or rose gold case attached to a satin strap by way of two hearts, reminiscent of our Victoria collection’s intertwined hearts. Whilst being inspired by the effervescent spirit of youth, the Miss Victoria simultaneously exudes a distinguished grace for a noble young lady.

Piccadilly Renaissance Diamond Heart

We may have kept the best for last. From our latest generation of timepieces, the Piccadilly Renaissance Diamond Heart is a new poetic addition to our deliciously slim Renaissance collection. 

The majesty of this bejewelled timepiece, available in either rose or white gold, resides in the 36 heart-shaped diamonds, which flagrantly express romance and glamour via a jewellery-set bezel, allowing the gemstones to be the dazzling protagonists. Its white mother-of-pearl dial is set with 70 round Ideal Cut diamonds and 4 red ruby hearts to every quarter of the hour. The interlocking hearts within the dial are further reminiscent of the iconic intertwined hearts of its sister collection. 

The craftsmanship involved in making this piece requires the expertise of an experienced master craftsman, polishing these heart-shaped gemstones to identical sizes and shapes; a true labour of love. 

Wear your Heart on your Wrist

In conclusion, we suggest wearing your heart on your wrist this Valentine’s. The question is, which one of our timepieces will be lucky enough to grace yours?