The Watch of the Season for Women


Spring has Officially Sprung

We may have been seeing whispers of it for some time now, but there is finally no denying that spring has officially sprung. Cities previously deluged in rain now boast blossom trees on every corner; in Japan, the Japanese Sakura is in magnificent full bloom while in London al fresco dining and drinks on roof terraces are de rigueur. A change of season requires a change of wardrobe, and as we welcome back linen, cotton and a plethora of pretty pastels, we search again for the pretty and the pleasurable which will add a frisson to the working day.

From Work to Cocktail Hour

As the days get longer, wrist wear must not only complement a breezily light spring day, but also not be incongruous as its wearers flit straight from work to cocktail hour. The Miss Victoria collection from Backes & Strauss fits the bill perfectly - these stunning diamond watches for women take their place alongside the Victoria, Victoria Princess, Lady Victoria and Countess Victoria as the ultimate women’s watches, adding an effervescent freshness to the collections.

Beautifully Delicate Colours

Both joyous and insouciantly romantic, these custom watches now come in a range of beautifully delicate hues, from the shimmering pastel pink and lilac tones of the mother-of-pearl dials to the enigmatic darker shades of indigo and dark blue which comprise the satin or leather straps. The diamond colours themselves are truly jaw-dropping, with the interlocking hearts set with rubies, blue sapphires or yellow diamonds and perfectly complementing the brilliant white ideal cut diamonds, ensuring all eyes will never leave the lucky wearer. These stunning white or rose gold watches for women will make an incomparable gift for her, and are guaranteed to put a spring in her step this season.