Bazaar 2018 - The Piccadilly Princess


Piccadilly Duchess diamond Watch

In keeping with the standard set by the Princess, the bracelet of the Piccadilly Princesss watch features links which are individually made by hand, and every diamond is set in the typical, meticulous style which is the trademark of Backes & Strauss - and which makes the timepiece as much a pleasure to wear as it is to hold and to behold.

The diamond encrusted case of this timepiece is inspired by the Piccadilly Circus, a constant reminder of the quintessentially British heritage of Backes & Strauss and also a celebration of nature. Nature is visually resonated from the 327 diamonds subliming this bejewelled timepiece: a miracle of nature by their pure essence. These diamonds have each undergone hours of rigorous selection and have each individually been polished in a bespoke cut that mirrors the case in the form of Piccadilly Circus.

Piccadilly Duchess ladies diamond watch