Dexters 2018 - Empress Rose


The Masterpiece - Empress Rose

The Empress Rose is exquisitely crafted and set with 608 diamonds, weighing in at a staggering 30.03 carats. Set in 18kt white gold, it includes 2 pear-shaped diamonds, weighing over a carat each, that sits grandly at 12 and 6 o'clock to symbolise the legendary love between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The case also has 14 different cut diamonds bordered with round brilliant diamonds. The dial is hand engraved and enamelled with Grand Feu technique. The bracelet contains 52 pear-shaped diamonds, 22 square emerald-cut diamonds and more than 500 round brilliant diamonds bordering the bracelet.

House of Backes & Strauss luxury brand featured in Dexters
Backes & Strauss bespoke luxury watch house