Spiral 2018 - Piccadilly King & Piccadilly Renaissance


Piccadilly Renaissance Ballerina collection

“The Piccadilly Renaissance Ballerina collection adds exquisite vibrancy to Backes & Strauss through the rich palette of coloured gemstones. Shifting from white diamonds to the fancy canary yellow diamonds of the Ballerina Jonquil and multi-color sapphires of the Ballerina Rainbow, these timepieces flaunt a seamless crescendo of colour.”

Piccadilly 45 King Tourbillon bespoke watch featured in Spiral

Piccadilly Diamond Heart Dint

“The Piccadilly Diamond Heart Dint has a design that is inspired by “Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s undying love", according to Backes & Strauss. It includes 36 heart-shaped diamonds, heart motif engravings on the mother-of-pearl dial with 70 round brilliant diamonds and 4 ruby hearts to every quarter of the hour and includes 188 round brilliant cut diamond set case.”

Backes & Strauss diamond watches for ladies and men