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Ming Watch 2018 - Royal Collection

Backes & Strauss is releasing its third generation of tourbillons in round and square-shaped watch cases. Wristwatches feature the Ideal Cut and Baguette-cut diamonds contrasting rich green emeralds and royal blue sapphires.

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Richesse 2018 - Piccadilly Ballerina Rainbow

Beloved watches for women from Backes & Strauss - 18kt White gold Piccadilly Rainbow set with 136 white diamonds and 136 multicolour sapphires. Deliciously slim case features open-back decorated movement.

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Goethe 2018 - Piccadilly Collection

Back to classics: Backes & Strauss round-shaped Piccadilly pieces are considered to be iconic watches for everyday wear. These Swiss watches for men have already taken their fair spot under the sun in Japan.

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