Tatler 2018 - Backes & Strauss Debuts Flawless Timepieces


Backes & Strauss Unveilling Exquisite Bejewelled Watches in Hong Kong

“Backes & Strauss, founded in Hanau, Germany in 1789, is considered to be the oldest diamond company in the world with mastery in diamond-cutting.

For more than a century of its recent history, the company sourced the finest rough diamonds and dealt gems to other jewelers. 12 years ago, the company decided to combine mastery in diamond-cutting with mastery in watchmaking. Since entering into a partnership with the Franck Muller Group, the focus has converted to the creation of elegant diamond-and jewel-encrusted timepieces.

The CEO Vartkess Knadjian visited Hong Kong to introduce four exceptional models, with each making their world premiere.

During a luncheon at 3/F Eighteen Sharp, the CEO unveiled exquisite bejeweled watches - Piccadilly 45 King Tourbillon, Piccadilly Renaissance Diamond Heart-Dint, Piccadilly Renaissance Ballerina Jonquil, and Piccadilly Renaissance Ballerina Rainbow - choosing to display each for the first time in Hong Kong.”