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Piccadilly Steel collection for ladies and men

Wrist Watches Designed for Daily Wear

“Since the dawn of modern time, nothing has captivated the human eye and mind more than the diamond. And no company has so captivatingly brought the beauty of diamonds to life than Backes & Strauss.

Backes & Strauss timepieces carry a level of refined elegance that is often missed. And who could blame a person for focusing on the brilliance of diamonds and spectacular jewels?

Take the Piccadilly Steel Collection, for instance. Designed for daily wear yet remarkably regal in style, the collection is a highly versatile range of timepieces suitable for any occasion. Each watch is masterfully hand-crafted, set and polished at the firm’s Swiss workshops. Sophisticated, functional and bold, these exquisite timepieces draw on the timeless elegance of Regency London.

Best of all, the Piccadilly Steel 45 is certainly attainable for those with a passion for elegant watches that don’t come with a price tag equal to a jumbo mortgage.”

Piccadilly Steel collection watches for her and him