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Backes & Strauss celebrate new partnership with Maison Waskoll

Backes & Strauss celebrate new partnership with Maison Waskoll

On April 11th, 2013, Backes & Strauss and Maison Waskoll held an exclusive cocktail party for over 300 VIP guests held at the Ambassador’s Residence in Paris.



Since 1814, when Napoleon’s sister sold the house to the First Duke of Wellington, this splendid historic home has served as the residence of the British Ambassador to France. The Backes & Strauss watch collection was exposed surrounded by wonderful masterpieces of French Empire furniture and decorative arts, English silver and paintings by British Artists.

Welcoming the guests to the event H.E. Sir Peter Ricketts was delighted that a great British brand with a long history and heritage was re-establishing its links with France. 

Vartkess Knadjian the CEO of Backes & Strauss talked about the historic ties the company had with Paris and how excited he was about this new beginning with Maison Waskoll.  He went on to say that there are many parallels between the master diamond cutter and the master watchmaker. Both are brilliant craftsmen, sharing the same mathematical precision, one working with light and the other with time. It is this meeting of masters that makes a Backes & Strauss watch unique. This makes Maison Waskoll the ideal partners for Backes & Strauss in France, with their knowledge and experience as creators of fabulous diamond jewellery.

Kirk Waskoll member of the 3rd generation of Maison Waskoll stated how proud they were to be partnering with Backes & Strauss to introduce their exceptional timepieces to the French market.

Hayk Melikyan pianist/composer entertained the guests with special piano pieces he had composed specially for Backes & Strauss.

About Backes & Strauss

As masters of Diamonds since 1789, Backes & Strauss, the world’s oldest diamond company launched an exclusive watch brand, creating masterpieces in the world famous workshops of Franck Muller Watchland, Switzerland.

About Waskoll.

Third generation jewellers with a passion for quality gems and creative jewellery making, drawing inspiration from the purest French tradition.

Victoria Princess - a circle of everlasting love

Victoria Princess - a circle of everlasting love

Drawn from the Backes & Strauss archives, a 19th century brooch with two linked hearts was the starting point for today’s Backes & Strauss sumptuous Victoria Princess diamond watch. Those linked hearts are now fully intertwined. They have become their own motif, repeated again and again in a circle of everlasting love, like that of Queen Victoria for her husband Albert. She was so smitten with him, she proposed the second time they met.

Evidently, in the spirit of women going after exactly what they want in life just like Queen Victoria once did, the Backes & Strauss Victoria Princess watch has proved such a hit with a lengthy list of international pre-orders, that Backes & Strauss are now limiting production to five pieces a month.
This is a watch that is feminine in the extreme. The tactile interior gold finish of the bracelet has been designed for ultimate comfort.
"The Backes & Strauss Victoria Princess watch looks just as glamorous on a bride or débutante as on a kimono-wearing Asian beauty. It’s a
modern woman’s evening watch,” says Vartkess Knadjan, Backes & Strauss CEO.
With a pink mother of pearl dial, the watch is set with 604 Ideal Cut Hearts & Arrows diamonds totalling 5.5 carats. Thanks to hundreds of hours of planning, precision cutting and hand polishing by our diamond experts, when viewing a Backes & Strauss diamond up close with the help of a special viewer, a perfect series of eight arrowheads becomes visible on the top of the stone. When examining the stone from beneath,
eight hearts circle the diamond. Every Backes & Strauss watch comes with its own Hearts and Arrows viewer, a testament to our dedication to perfection.

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