Backes & Strauss Assyrian jewellery at the British Museum

backes & Strauss at the British Museum

The discovery of a gold bracelet inspired by sculptures excavated at Nineveh in the mid 19th century, disclosed a forgotten chapter in the history of Backes & Strauss London Jewellers.
— Judy Rudoe, a curator at the British Museum

A J. F. Backes & Co. decorated bracelet with an Assyrian design that is currently on exhibit at the British Museum in London.
After Georg Carl’s death in 1819, his son continued trading and manufacturing diamonds and jewellery, separating the London operation from the German one and re-naming it J.F.Backes and Co.
Although J.F.Backes continued to trade diamonds, the firm’s core business had, by that time, become jewellery manufacturing, for which the company had such a name that two entire pages of the 1851 Great Exhibition catalogue were devoted to its creations.