Piccadilly princess royal colours diamond watch

the making of…

the Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours


To achieve what might have been considered ‘the impossible’, required the hands of the world’s finest diamond experts, designers, polishers, gem-setters, goldsmiths and watchmakers to name but a few of the masters involved in the production of this unique royal timepiece.

Vartkess Knadjian diamond checking


To celebrate the 225th year of Backes & Strauss in 2014, CEO Vartkess Knadjian sought to create the most astounding of jewels.

Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours craftsmanship and watch manufacturing

hand-setting of diamonds

Once bought, the natural fancy coloured diamonds of the Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours could not be re-polished in order to retain their 66 different colour hues.

Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours watch making

original design concept

Once selected, each diamond was photographed to simulate the arrangement of the 225 diamonds on the watch.

Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours watch manufacturing

dial making

Colourful stones were set as a reminder of a happy coincidence of nature, almost as if the diamonds had been casually scattered across the watch.

Piccadilly Princess Royal diamond colours and clarity

diamond sourcing

This meant that each sourced diamond had to be perfect, which made the sourcing process long, given the rarity of the stones.

Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours, highest quality craftsmanship

Diamond polishing

66 different colour hues, 10 different cuts (Baguette, Cushion, Marquise, Oval, Pear, Princess, Ascher, Emerald, Heart & Round Brilliant) on the dial, case & bracelet were combined in perfect harmony.

Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours Watch- Backes & Strauss


After hundreds of hours of skill and unwavering precision, passing through the hands of most highly skilled craftsmen, the Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours joined the pantheon of Backes & Strauss Masterpieces.