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Limited Editions Royal Collection Masterpieces

Backes & Strauss’ constant endeavour to create magnificent bespoke luxury watches has roots in its 230-year history and recalls a bygone era when kings and queens set the bar for what was true luxury; from a gem-set parure wedding gift to an enamelled, singing bird automaton clock, it was monarchs who commissioned the most exquisite works of art, seeking the top masters from lands far and wide. Each unique Backes & Strauss Masterpiece is a one-of-a-kind timepiece, of which you can be the sole owner in the world.

Regent Royal Black Knight

Mysterious and discreet with a hint of luxury, the Regent Royal Black Knight is a steel masterpiece set with 2,106 black diamonds on its case and bracelet (26.27cts) using the serti neige technique, where different sized diamonds are set side by side, playing on variations in diameter; a skill requiring the experience of only the best craftsmen. This time-telling jewel is elegantly completed with Backes & Strauss’ signature white Ideal Cut diamond in the crown (0.12cts), known as the Jewel in the Crown


Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours

The master cutters, polishers and gem setters at Backes & Strauss have reached new heights in the creation of the Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours, which, as the name suggests, is a lady's cocktail watch bedecked in a variety of spectacular stones. No two examples of the Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours will be alike, nor can they be - because each watch is created using a unique hand-picked selection of white and fancy-coloured diamonds, which are individually set to create an unrepeatable, one-off pattern.

Piccadilly royal Princesses

The sumptuous Piccadilly Princess Royal Pink Heart joins the five unique Piccadilly Princesses with 207 colourless diamonds,34.95cts and 38 pink diamonds, 2.32cts. The fresh burst of delicate colour celebrates the beauty of elegant femininity. Combining the various cuts (Baguette, Cushion, Marquise, Oval, Pear, Princess, Ascher, Emerald, Heart and Round Brilliant) creates an impression of a piece that has been formed by a happy coincidence of nature, almost as if diamonds had been casually scattered across the watch.

Royal Berkeley Emperor Tourbillon 45

This exceptional timepiece is an unrivalled masterpiece from both the inner workings to the outside casing of the watch. The diamond encrusted case of this timepiece is inspired by London’s Berkeley Square, a constant reminder of the quintessentially British heritage of Backes & Strauss and also a celebration of nature. Nature is visually resonated from the 1,080 diamonds subliming this bejeweled timepiece; a miracle of nature by their pure essence.

Berkeley Emperor Brilliant Tourbillon

The Berkeley Emperor Brilliant Tourbillon was the first Backes & Strauss wristwatch to be crafted with a special bespoke manual-winding skeleton tourbillon movement. The tourbillon is set in a bespoke frame decorated by Backes & Strauss’ signature arrows motif, inspired by the arrows pattern visible when viewing an Ideal Cut diamond from above the crown.

Berkeley Emperor Prince Tourbillon 45

The Berkeley Emperor Prince Tourbillon is distinguished by its exquisite invisible baguette-set case which harmonises together with the bridge via the Backes & Strauss signature arrows motif. An allusion to the arrows pattern visible when viewing an Ideal Cut diamond from above the crown.

Empress Rose

From the portrait of Queen Victoria aged 14 dressed in Royal jewels and a floral rose motif, to her coronation diadem garnished with diamond bouquets of rose, the famous ‘Rose of England’ came to be the leitmotif of Queen Victoria’s purity and strength during her long reign. To such an extent that husband Prince Albert designed the Buckingham Palace Ballroom wallpaper with a rose in celebration of Her Majesty’s delicate essence.

Regent Beau Brummell Tourbillon Pocket Watch 5058

In the heyday of the magnificent dandy Beau Brummell, telling the time involved more than a mere glance at the wrist - it was almost a ceremonial occasion when a gentleman gave a gentle tug on his fob chain, slowly drawing a timepiece from the depths of his waistcoat pocket before cradling it in his palm and perusing the hour at length.

Royal Ashoka

Masters of Diamonds, Backes & Strauss is delighted to present the Royal ASHOKA® Empress Collection, a new line of one-of-a-kind diamond watches bringing William Goldberg’s exceptional ASHOKA® diamonds to the world of haute horlogerie.
Revisiting the mystique of the Ashoka diamond, Backes & Strauss forged an exceptional partnership which saw Masters of Diamonds, Backes & Strauss meet with Master diamond cutter William Goldberg.

Berkeley Imperial 40

There is and only ever will be one Berkeley Imperial, having taken two and a half years to collect and then match these 48 rare and difficult Natural Fancy Lime Colour diamonds.

Royal Jester

In days of old, the jester was no fool. A key member of a ruler's inner circle, his role was considered vital to the smooth running of the royal court, his humorous antics were often seen as the fruit of divine inspiration and his position was viewed as one of privilege. He was even required to criticize his master. The Backes & Strauss Royal Jester is so named, because of its circular theme in the centre, of which a sparkling routine is performed by our very own version of the jester in the form of a single, round, and brilliant diamond weighing above 1.01cts.