Regent Beau Brummel Tourbillon pocket watch 5058 diamond watch

Regent Beau Brummell Tourbillon Pocket Watch 5058


Size: 50x58 mm
Flying Tourbillon FM 2001-2 manual-winding mechanism. Bridge, 150 diamonds, 0.74cts, bow: 18 bagette cut diamonds, 0.46cts & 43 diamonds. 0.12cts
Case: 18kt White Gold, 108 baguette cut diamonds, 11.70cts; and 228 diamonds, 4.46cts. Open back, 328 diamonds, 5.97cts
Dial: 197 baguette cut diamonds, 9.67cts
Bracelet: 18kt White Gold, bespoke chain, 596 diamonds, 3.92cts
Crown: The Jewel in the Crown, 0.12cts
Display: Hours, Minutes, Seconds & Date
Total carats: 1669 diamonds, 37.91cts

All round brilliant cut diamonds set on Backes & Strauss watches are Ideal Cut, unless stated otherwise.



In the heyday of the magnificent dandy Beau Brummell, telling the time involved more than a mere glance at the wrist - it was almost a ceremonial occasion when a gentleman gave a gentle tug on his fob chain, slowly drawing a timepiece from the depths of his waistcoat pocket before cradling it in his palm and perusing the hour at length.

That sense of tactile enjoyment which is an intrinsic part of old-world timekeeping is now revisited by Backes & Strauss in the form of the Regent Beau Brummell Tourbillon Pocket Watch with a white gold case set with two rows of baguette diamonds and with further rows of baguette diamonds set concentrically on the dial. The hand wound tourbillon movement features hours and minutes as well as a date display and moon phase indication.

Regent Beau Brummell Tourbillon pocket Watch diamond craftsmanship
Regent Beau Brummell Tourbillon pocket watch craftsmanship