Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours luxury diamond watch

Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours


Size: 37 mm
Case: 18kt White Gold, 22 diamonds, 9.04cts
Dial: 65 white and natural coloured diamonds, 3.37cts
Bracelet: 138 white and natural coloured diamonds, 26.28cts
Display: Hours & Minutes
Total carats: 225 diamonds, 38.69cts, 66 different colour hues- 10 different cuts

All round brilliant cut diamonds set on Backes & Strauss watches are Ideal Cut, unless stated otherwise.



The master cutters, polishers and gem setters at Backes & Strauss have reached new heights in the creation of the Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours which, as the name suggests, is a lady's cocktail watch bedecked in a variety of spectacular stones which reflect all the colours of the rainbow and more. No two examples of the Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours will be alike, nor can they be - because each watch is created using a unique hand-picked selection of white and fancy-coloured diamonds which are individually set to create an unrepeatable, one-off pattern. Starting with a simple, 18kt white gold case, the watch is created by hand- setting 'royal colour' diamonds of no fewer than 66 different colour hues and 10 different cuts on the dial, case and bracelet.

Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours diamond watch