Forbes 2019 - Five Fabulous Heart-Inspired Watches For Her

Princess Victoria diamond wristwatch for ladies

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

“From Backes & Strauss, this Victoria Princess Red Rose watch is crafted in 18-karat rose gold and features diamonds and rubies in an innovative and stylistic heart motif. In fact, the heart shape is almost indistinguishable and can pass for a floral motif. A 19th century brooch of two linked hearts originally made by Backes & Strauss inspires the watch. The watch is meticulously set with 388 Ideal Cut diamonds and 32 rich red rubies for a total weight of 2.54 carats. The quartz watch features a mother-of-pearl dial with four diamond indexes. The 18-karat rose gold bracelet is also crafted of interlocking hearts and is set with 388 diamonds and 32 rubies.”

Princess Victoria valentine's gift diamond wristwatch for ladies